Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)

Public health and safety are an important part of Joule Processing’s mission. Together with our strategic partners and contractors, we live out our commitment to these principles through strict adherence to best practice standards in the safe and responsible design, engineering and construction of gas process equipment. We observe ASME codes and the highest standards for natural gas safety. Ongoing safety analysis, education and training are essential to us, along with consistent and stringent compliance with all appropriate regulations, laws and criteria.

Healthy, safe and environmentally sound operations are fundamental to the way we conduct business. We believe environmentally sound practices that reduce greenhouse gas emissions are compatible with meeting not only the nation’s energy requirements, but also the needs of our individual clients. Focusing on innovation, as we do in all aspects of our business, we are always looking for sustainable alternatives and new technologies that can help drive efficiency as well as time- and cost-savings for our clients.

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