Joule Processing provides high-quality products that economically meet our clients' natural gas processing and treating needs. With a focus on superior customer service and understanding each client's unique profile, we deliver a wide range of products for natural gas processing and treating. The majority of our facilities are skid-mounted for ease of installation and mobility purposes. We offer standardized equipment designs to meet our clients' quick delivery requirements as well as custom designed facilities.

In addition to midstream process and treating solutions, we offer a variety of production facilities equipment to meet your upstream production requirements.

Natural Gas Processing Solutions

Joule Processing helps natural gas operations run smoothly from wellhead to market with natural gas processing equipment engineered and designed to meet our clients' specific needs. Joule offers Joule-Thomson (J-T), Refrigeration, Cryogenic, Condensate Stabilization and LPG Fractionation Plants as standard options for natural gas processing. We also offer a variety of plant component, auxiliary equipment, control packages, production facilities and natural gas liquid (NGL) pressurized storage tanks.

Hydrocarbon Liquid Handling Solutions

Joule Processing offers condensate stabilization systems that create an easily storable liquid product while recovering more lights ends for fuel or sales gas. Each system is designed and constructed to meet the desired product or sales component specifications including stabilized NGLs and natural gasolines.

Natural Gas Treating Solutions

Joule Processing offers natural gas treating solutions, including amine plants and mol sieve dehydration units, that are custom engineered for acid gas removal or dehydration to keep our clients' natural gas stream free of contaminants and running smoothly. Removal of natural gas contaminants such as carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide are critical to the operation of downstream processes including plants and pipelines. Our natural gas treating products are custom-engineered to meet our clients' specifications and needs.