Modular Fractionation Trains

  • On-site Y-Grade processing to maximize product value
  • 2,500 - 25,000 BBL/D capacity
  • 16' x 50' modular, stackable skid structures
  • Joule's "smart-steel" approach provides max accessibility for operations and maintenance
  • Produces HD-5 or refrigerant grade propane product
  • Modular design for simple installation and mobility purposes

With downstream fractionation facilities operating at max capacity, modular fractionation has become an attractive option for many midstream companies as producers seek fractionation capacity for their Y-Grade. Regional fractionation allows for the sale of purity products directly into regional markets, as well as for export as a relatively quick, cost-effective way to optimize product value.

Joule’s modular, scalable approach allows midstream companies to significantly reduce their capital investment and increase speed-to-market, which provides the ability to attract customers through reduced fractionation rates.

Utilizing a “smart-steel” approach, Joule’s skid design provides optimal room on-skid for ease of operations and maintenance. The system’s structural framework allows stackable skids with piping aligned at skid edge for direct connection to facility pipe racks for quick installation and start up.

Standard Plant Offerings

Joule offers the following modular Fractionation Trains for quick delivery:

  • 2,500 BBL/D
  • 5,000 BBL/D
  • 12,500 BBL/D
  • 25,000 BBL/D

Joule utilizes an 80/20 standardization design philosophy. Based on years of experience, many projects, and hundreds of simulations, we have developed on-skid modules for each design case that are now 80% of the standard. The remaining 20% allows us to customize up to 20% of the design based on each client’s economic drivers, such as instrumentation, column size and exchanger sizing. The 80/20 approach provides “standard” price and delivery, yet custom fit for each application.

** Custom designed systems available for unique and larger applications.