NGL Treating for Methanol Removal

The Joule process of removing methanol from NGL in order to meet an increasing pipeline Y-Grade specification for methanol (Maximum 200 ppm allowed):

The Joule process highlights Include:

  • NGL Cooling and Water Wash System
    • A combination of cooling and water wash to eliminate methanol contamination from the NGL stream
    • Product NGL shall meet Y-Grade specification of methanol concentration of less than 200 ppm
    • Product NGL shall meet Y-Grade specification of no free water at 34°F
  • Methanol Recovery and Purification System
    • Produces a saleable purified methanol stream to be reused for hydrate prevention in gathering fields or cryogenic facilities.
  • Water Recycle System
    • Produces minimal waste water as most water is purified and recycled in process
  • Modular design for simple installation and mobility purposes