Refrigeration (MRU) Plants

  • Performance guarantees
    • Designed to meet specific HHV, hydrocarbon dew point, and moisture specifications
  • NGL Stabilization - produces truckable natural gas liquids (NGLs) product, significantly increasing revenue
  • Dehydration and hydrate prevention systems included
  • 5:1 Turndown
  • Standard packaged systems designed to achieve temperatures as low as minus -50°F
  • Flexible design to handle a wide range of inlet gas compositions
  • Flexible design for maximum volume capacity and/or low turndown
  • Efficient heat integrated design with low emissions hot oil system
  • Modular design for simple installation and mobility purposes

Our standard and custom designed straight refrigeration plants chill the incoming natural gas stream using an external refrigeration system, typically propane. The condensed natural gas liquids (NGLs) are separated in a three-phase cold separator, where injected glycol is removed from the NGLs. The product’s cold residue gas exchanges heat with the warm feed natural gas stream for pre-cooling. These facilities are typically engineered and designed fully integrated with our standard stabilization and/or fractionation technologies. The NGLs from the cold separator are stabilized in a DeEthanizer column and sent to pressurized storage or further fractionation.

Every refrigeration plant is designed and constructed skid-mounted for simple installation and mobility purposes.

Standard Plant Offerings

Joule offers the following standard Refrigeration (MRU) Plants for quick delivery:

  • 20 MMSCFD
  • 40 MMSCFD
  • 100 MMSCFD

Joule utilizes an 80/20 standardization design philosophy. Based on years of experience, many projects, and hundreds of simulations, we have developed on-skid modules for each design case that are now 80% of the standard. The remaining 20% allows us to customize up to 20% of the design based on each client’s economic drivers, such as instrumentation, column size and exchanger sizing. The 80/20 approach provides “standard” price and delivery, yet custom fit for each application.

** Custom designed systems available for unique and larger applications.